This weekend determine Coach of the Year?

With a huge weekend in college football this week, will it determine who shall claim the title of “Coach of the Year”? Michigan Wolverines and coach Harbaugh takes on their biggest challenge of the year and of his new tenure against his instate rival the Michigan State Spartans. Meanwhile, another undefeated team takes on a prime playoff contender (also one of my two favorite teams) LSU. It’s Florida. A huge surprise in the SEC, and behind the stern leading of coach Mcelwain.
Both of these match-ups should provide great games, and story lines. However, in the end it may predict or perhaps provide some foreshadowing of at least one, season long award presented at the end of the year.

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Gay marriage a nonissue?

Obviously there are many tensions in our country today, one major being gay marriage. I believe with one very simple change we can make this a non issue, not by forcing people (through court decisions) one way or another but rather by changing the tax codes. What? Tax codes? How does that intertwine with gay marriage? Well by eliminating the asinine current tax code in America and replacing it with a flat tax or consumption tax we can take marriage out of the ever-overreaching federal government hands. Especially since it never should have been a governments function to begin with, marriage is a religious practice and should remain so. This fairly treats all people, whether gay or straight and even married or single, by not giving benefits to anyone just because of their lifestyle.

This is obviously not the only answer to solve this problem in our country but I believe this simple solution would not only begin to reduce our governments functions in order to make it actually functional, but to also prove that this truly is a nation where all people are created equal.