Background check for Doctors

The third largest killer in America is preventable deaths due to healthcare. At over 1,000 deaths per day, and costing tax payers over $1 trillion a year. And yet, the some continue to push this as some demented form of a “right”. Well is it really that surprising that they continue to fight for and be financially backed by these “big businesses” of killing, while taking away your actual right to defend yourself and your family? An average of 36 people die per day from a gun related incident. And that justifies taking away millions of law abiding citizens rights and freedoms? All while allowing these insane amounts of medical deaths to be completely acceptable. But then again, you are considerably easier to be killed or controlled without weapons and while under seditives. So then maybe the federal government should focus their background checks on doctors and surgeons, instead of guns, if they really care about the rising deaths of our citizens, which I strong suspect they don’t (since dead folks can’t vote/donate).