The N.D. “water protectors” should arm themselves

Many people have been outraged at the pipeline in North Dakota. Understandably so as their sacred lands, including burial grounds were given to a (I believe) Texas based energy company. One thing folks need to remember is, this force is only allowable with government assistance.

Earlier this week a group of armed militia men were found not guilty by a jury of conspiracy to impede federal workers among other charges while overtaking a federal refuge building. These people held a federally owned building for nearly two weeks, with dozens of rifles and pistols and thousands of rounds of ammo!

Back to North Dakota, most people are peacefully protesting. Yet, they are still getting not only arrested but pepper spayed and even shot with rubber bullets. Again this is the government terrorizing its people for the benefit of a company. Government only knows force. They have been pro-slavery and anti-gay, and people still think the federal government needs more power over its citizens and resources to do so. That is asinine! 

The simple difference between these two protests, is that the government has little to fear from the protesters and therefore has all the power in the North Dakota pipeline fiasco. Whereas in the armed take over, there was much more fear of not only a shoot-out, but of possibly having government forces killing a bunch of citizens on national television. Which inherently gave the armed protesters  a slight equalizer, along with their weapons.

I am not saying there needs to be violence. There just needs to be someone to step up and say no to the government for not only terrorizing their people but also for allowing the land to be disturbed. The spokesman of the armed takeover was shot and killed while driving through a road block. So there is no surefire way to ensure everyone’s safety, but as is seen time and time again throughout American history; the government does not care about the people. Whether it is smaller physical force such as rubber bullets or violently tackling and arresting folks, to bigger problems like slavery and systemic racism, the government is not there to help you. This is why we have the right to bear arms, for only you and you alone are truly responsible for the safety of yourself and your family!


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