Do Americans want a Civil War, or Caliphate?

It is a strange world we live in today. Somehow, someway people have changed. More than likely for the worse. Today, people believe that taking away freedoms or natural rights that are supposed to give liberty to all, will create a better life. Yes, clearly this is about the right to bear arms. But think about it, if people called for a restriction on speech, press, or even allowing quartering soldiers everyone would freak the fuck out. So why is it that when people are trying to take away your right to self preservation, many go right along with it? This kind of talk is truly treasonous due to directly opposing the national laws in the constitution. So why is this not seen as such dispicable ideas? These people need to be seen as the shady traitorous beings that they are, because otherwise if they are allowed to continue on the current path we may as well let islamic extremists govern this nation. Since both are trying to strip you and every other honest and hard working American citizen of their freedoms and liberty.

These same people who are taking away your natural rights as a citizen, are brainwashing you into thinking participation is enough, and you dont really need to try to achieve anything in life. But then make you think you are also entitled to another persons goods or services for free. Soon the individualism and strive to succeed that once made this nation great is dead and gone. Bam now the government controls the health of their citizens (the ones they want they keep), the education of all future citizens to ensure continual control. Plus they control the money while simultaneously perpetually taking that same money back out of the people pockets. Controlling the money also controls the entitlements, which continues to perpetrate poverty and inequality.

What these terrorists are trying to do is egregious and must be stopped! However, those politicians and bank rolling “gun control advocates” are trying to strip you of the exact same rights the terrorists are fighting against as well. Both are against your liberty and want to control you. Whether through a religious caliphate or a corrupt socialized tyrannical government, they both want the same thing, not gun control but absolute control!

Unfortunately more and more people believe the government solves problems. It is time to wake up and see that thr government is the problem and is what’s causing so much tension in our country today. Otherwise, this nation will be broke, fractured, and at war with each other in less than 20 years.


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