Southern battle flag and Weed?

Clearly the events of the past week have laid ground for dramatic changes, in the United States, for both the near and distant future.

It began with the horrendous attrocity that led to the unfortunate and untimely death of nine poor souls, for no other reason but hate. Sadder still is the fact that the act committed against these victims has been downplayed and even completely ignored. It was not the conferderate flag nor even guns that caused this horrible event in recent American history, it is one incredibly troubled individuals fault. Pure and simple. This can’t be attributed to anything more than that. Clearly any other assumption is a strech and contradictory.

You say the constistant southern pride images and connotations is the real reason for such behavior? Perhaps you are onto something, but not in the mistaken and negative way the media and others are trying to impose on the weaker minded folk. A strong majority of people in this nation, yes even the SC maniac, have begun to see that the federal government has clearly overstepped and violated their constitutional right by taking away nearly all powers individual states once possesed.

This is the real reason of the civil war and the creation of the Confederacy, states rights. Here is where all the oblivious folk say “no it was about slavery in the south”. Yes, AS A STATE RIGHT. It is exactly the same right that people in Colorado, Alaska, Washinton, DC, and other states fighting for with marijuana, states rights.

This is not a black and white issue. That is just the narrative forced on people to ignore the fact that the federal government is and has taken away freedoms of the people for hundreds of years.

Side note: If we really want to exterminate hate, prejudice, and bigotry, then subjecting the many to the will of a few shall never solve the problem. Yes, the confederate battle flag has been a symbol of oppression, fear, and hate. Yet, it was also changed to its current form after the creator replaced the Christian cross with the stars and bars, in order to not offend southern Jews, a sign of compassion. We also must remember the American flag has flown over “concentration camps” of the Japanese-Americans during WWII, and over the battlefields of thousands of slaughtered Native Americans.

So if one truly wants equality that is one thing, and go for that goal! Just do not pick and choose certain aspects of society to criticize to fit your personal narrative.


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