Felons “rights”

Many states are trying to pass or have passed legislation allowing felons to vote while in prison. Bernie Sanders made many headline regarding this issue recently. Vermont and Iowa have passed such legislation. This is a poor idea and there is a much better way to go about this issue.

Does it surprise you that left leaning folks on this issue want everyone to be able to vote while in prison (Vermont/Bernie), while right leaning people tend to think they should recoup their right to vote after they have “completed their sentences” (Iowa Gov. Reynolds). Does anyone else wonder why both “sides” think felons should *only* get their “right to vote” while in prison/on parole, but never mention that these felons/ex-felons should get any other inalienable rights after they have done their time that society requires of them? Why dont they ever talk about letting these people own firearms, or being forced to let police in, or even restricting their ability to move/find jobs? It is simple, these people in positions of power do not give a damn about freedom and liberty.

There is a much more simple option to solve this issue. Someone who is in prison lost their rights due to their own poor actions. However, we as a society have created requirements for these people to accept responsibility, correct their behavior, and re-join society. So if the ex-felon is safe enough to be allowed back into our society, then they should be given *all* of the rights afforded to the free people of this nation. Perhaps a short parole period before receiving full rights may be necessary, but nonetheless these rights should be restored in full. So no, folks in prison should not vote or have many of the freedoms law abiding Americans enjoy but after they have paid their due and rejoin our communities they should receive the same rights and perks of every other citizen of this great nation.

The N.D. “water protectors” should arm themselves

Many people have been outraged at the pipeline in North Dakota. Understandably so as their sacred lands, including burial grounds were given to a (I believe) Texas based energy company. One thing folks need to remember is, this force is only allowable with government assistance.

Earlier this week a group of armed militia men were found not guilty by a jury of conspiracy to impede federal workers among other charges while overtaking a federal refuge building. These people held a federally owned building for nearly two weeks, with dozens of rifles and pistols and thousands of rounds of ammo!

Back to North Dakota, most people are peacefully protesting. Yet, they are still getting not only arrested but pepper spayed and even shot with rubber bullets. Again this is the government terrorizing its people for the benefit of a company. Government only knows force. They have been pro-slavery and anti-gay, and people still think the federal government needs more power over its citizens and resources to do so. That is asinine! 

The simple difference between these two protests, is that the government has little to fear from the protesters and therefore has all the power in the North Dakota pipeline fiasco. Whereas in the armed take over, there was much more fear of not only a shoot-out, but of possibly having government forces killing a bunch of citizens on national television. Which inherently gave the armed protesters  a slight equalizer, along with their weapons.

I am not saying there needs to be violence. There just needs to be someone to step up and say no to the government for not only terrorizing their people but also for allowing the land to be disturbed. The spokesman of the armed takeover was shot and killed while driving through a road block. So there is no surefire way to ensure everyone’s safety, but as is seen time and time again throughout American history; the government does not care about the people. Whether it is smaller physical force such as rubber bullets or violently tackling and arresting folks, to bigger problems like slavery and systemic racism, the government is not there to help you. This is why we have the right to bear arms, for only you and you alone are truly responsible for the safety of yourself and your family!

Background check for Doctors

The third largest killer in America is preventable deaths due to healthcare. At over 1,000 deaths per day, and costing tax payers over $1 trillion a year. And yet, the some continue to push this as some demented form of a “right”. Well is it really that surprising that they continue to fight for and be financially backed by these “big businesses” of killing, while taking away your actual right to defend yourself and your family? An average of 36 people die per day from a gun related incident. And that justifies taking away millions of law abiding citizens rights and freedoms? All while allowing these insane amounts of medical deaths to be completely acceptable. But then again, you are considerably easier to be killed or controlled without weapons and while under seditives. So then maybe the federal government should focus their background checks on doctors and surgeons, instead of guns, if they really care about the rising deaths of our citizens, which I strong suspect they don’t (since dead folks can’t vote/donate).

Do Americans want a Civil War, or Caliphate?

It is a strange world we live in today. Somehow, someway people have changed. More than likely for the worse. Today, people believe that taking away freedoms or natural rights that are supposed to give liberty to all, will create a better life. Yes, clearly this is about the right to bear arms. But think about it, if people called for a restriction on speech, press, or even allowing quartering soldiers everyone would freak the fuck out. So why is it that when people are trying to take away your right to self preservation, many go right along with it? This kind of talk is truly treasonous due to directly opposing the national laws in the constitution. So why is this not seen as such dispicable ideas? These people need to be seen as the shady traitorous beings that they are, because otherwise if they are allowed to continue on the current path we may as well let islamic extremists govern this nation. Since both are trying to strip you and every other honest and hard working American citizen of their freedoms and liberty.

These same people who are taking away your natural rights as a citizen, are brainwashing you into thinking participation is enough, and you dont really need to try to achieve anything in life. But then make you think you are also entitled to another persons goods or services for free. Soon the individualism and strive to succeed that once made this nation great is dead and gone. Bam now the government controls the health of their citizens (the ones they want they keep), the education of all future citizens to ensure continual control. Plus they control the money while simultaneously perpetually taking that same money back out of the people pockets. Controlling the money also controls the entitlements, which continues to perpetrate poverty and inequality.

What these terrorists are trying to do is egregious and must be stopped! However, those politicians and bank rolling “gun control advocates” are trying to strip you of the exact same rights the terrorists are fighting against as well. Both are against your liberty and want to control you. Whether through a religious caliphate or a corrupt socialized tyrannical government, they both want the same thing, not gun control but absolute control!

Unfortunately more and more people believe the government solves problems. It is time to wake up and see that thr government is the problem and is what’s causing so much tension in our country today. Otherwise, this nation will be broke, fractured, and at war with each other in less than 20 years.

This weekend determine Coach of the Year?

With a huge weekend in college football this week, will it determine who shall claim the title of “Coach of the Year”? Michigan Wolverines and coach Harbaugh takes on their biggest challenge of the year and of his new tenure against his instate rival the Michigan State Spartans. Meanwhile, another undefeated team takes on a prime playoff contender (also one of my two favorite teams) LSU. It’s Florida. A huge surprise in the SEC, and behind the stern leading of coach Mcelwain.
Both of these match-ups should provide great games, and story lines. However, in the end it may predict or perhaps provide some foreshadowing of at least one, season long award presented at the end of the year.

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Southern battle flag and Weed?

Clearly the events of the past week have laid ground for dramatic changes, in the United States, for both the near and distant future.

It began with the horrendous attrocity that led to the unfortunate and untimely death of nine poor souls, for no other reason but hate. Sadder still is the fact that the act committed against these victims has been downplayed and even completely ignored. It was not the conferderate flag nor even guns that caused this horrible event in recent American history, it is one incredibly troubled individuals fault. Pure and simple. This can’t be attributed to anything more than that. Clearly any other assumption is a strech and contradictory.

You say the constistant southern pride images and connotations is the real reason for such behavior? Perhaps you are onto something, but not in the mistaken and negative way the media and others are trying to impose on the weaker minded folk. A strong majority of people in this nation, yes even the SC maniac, have begun to see that the federal government has clearly overstepped and violated their constitutional right by taking away nearly all powers individual states once possesed.

This is the real reason of the civil war and the creation of the Confederacy, states rights. Here is where all the oblivious folk say “no it was about slavery in the south”. Yes, AS A STATE RIGHT. It is exactly the same right that people in Colorado, Alaska, Washinton, DC, and other states fighting for with marijuana, states rights.

This is not a black and white issue. That is just the narrative forced on people to ignore the fact that the federal government is and has taken away freedoms of the people for hundreds of years.

Side note: If we really want to exterminate hate, prejudice, and bigotry, then subjecting the many to the will of a few shall never solve the problem. Yes, the confederate battle flag has been a symbol of oppression, fear, and hate. Yet, it was also changed to its current form after the creator replaced the Christian cross with the stars and bars, in order to not offend southern Jews, a sign of compassion. We also must remember the American flag has flown over “concentration camps” of the Japanese-Americans during WWII, and over the battlefields of thousands of slaughtered Native Americans.

So if one truly wants equality that is one thing, and go for that goal! Just do not pick and choose certain aspects of society to criticize to fit your personal narrative.

Gay marriage a nonissue?

Obviously there are many tensions in our country today, one major being gay marriage. I believe with one very simple change we can make this a non issue, not by forcing people (through court decisions) one way or another but rather by changing the tax codes. What? Tax codes? How does that intertwine with gay marriage? Well by eliminating the asinine current tax code in America and replacing it with a flat tax or consumption tax we can take marriage out of the ever-overreaching federal government hands. Especially since it never should have been a governments function to begin with, marriage is a religious practice and should remain so. This fairly treats all people, whether gay or straight and even married or single, by not giving benefits to anyone just because of their lifestyle.

This is obviously not the only answer to solve this problem in our country but I believe this simple solution would not only begin to reduce our governments functions in order to make it actually functional, but to also prove that this truly is a nation where all people are created equal.